Plan an education vacation ...

Either on your own or with a friend, come and stay at our facility.  This is an education vacation with your horse !

"Last summer, with Kari, I spent an intensive 8 days of connection with my horse ... now I just came back of another week at her barn.  This will become for me a necessary vacation for my horse and I.  I am always in deep admiration with her professionalism, her way of sharing her knowledge is unique and it makes us constantly understand our horse, as well as ourselves.  Now I can see what a real partnership is thanks to her teaching as well as the Parelli world."

On site accomodation 

  • a cabin with a double bed   $40/night
  • camp  $10/night
  • RV with electrical hook up  $10/night

* breakfast available $10


Horse board  
Accommodation for your horse $30/day

Choose between a pasture or a private pen.


On arrival we'll have an orientation session and review your goals and the pathway to achieve them.   

Our facility has many options:
  • an outdoor 100' x 200' arena
  • a 180 ' honeycomb
  • 50' round pen
  • 70' round pen
  • 1 km trail
  • a playfield
  • a pond to swim
  • a pond to play and ride through



Available Monday through Friday during May through October.

All horses live outside at our facility.  You will be provided your own area and be responsible for all feed and water (like we do at the Parelli campus :-)

A fridge and microwave is available at all times. 

Lesson times scheduled during the day with free time also to use the facility.  

Each request is individual, please contact me and we can plan a visit to suit your schedule.

I have most Parelli DVD's which you are welcome to view any during your stay :-)

*** Not available during scheduled clinics.  You are most welcome to come as a spectator during this time.  Please visit the event page for more details.