I enjoy working with people that want to help their horses last a lifetime because they are using themselves correctly. Creating a balanced horse bio-mechanically. A horse that enjoys and understands its training sessions because we addressed its emotional and mental needs.

100 National/North American competitions 
45 International Competitions/Championships with Top 4 placings and Championship winnings 
Two European Championships 
3 Summer Paralympics 
4 World Games 

2015 Inducted in the Canadian Disability Hall of Fame 
2015 WPR AQHA World Show: Para-Reining Champion 
2015 USDF Bronze Medal

2014 World Equestrian Games, Normandy: Silver and Bronze Medalist 
2014 Everglades Florida: Lifetime Achievement Award 
2014 Equine Canada: Athlete of the Year Award

2012 Paralympics London, England: Silver Medalist, placed 5th 8th 
2012 National Certificate: 1st and 2nd Level Dressage 
2012 Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal

2009 Equine Canada: Enogeral President's Award 
2008 Paralympics Beijing, China: Gold and Silver Medalist 
2008 British Columbia Horse Council: Athlete of the Year Award 
2008 Equine Canada: Honored for Outstanding Achievement 
2008 Fraser Valley Pacific Sport: Lifetime Achievement Award 
2008 RBC: Ambassador of the Year Award

2005 British Columbia Work Safe: Nomination for Courage to Come Back Award 
2004 Paralympics Athens, Greece: Placed 5th, 6th, 7th 
2004 Fraser Valley Pacific Sport: Athlete of the Year Award 
2004 Equine Canada: George Jacobson Canadian Equestrian of the Year

2003 Chamber of Commerce: Honored Local Athlete 
2003 RBC: Ambassador of the Year Award 
2001 Nomination: Courage to Come Back Award 
2001 to Present: Canadian Para-Equestrian Dressage Athlete 
2000 Volunteer of the Year Award Disabled Sailing Association

Bridging the Gap Horsemanship

...reflects what she does

4-Star Senior Horsemanship Instructor together with 

  • Reining Champion
  • Gold & Silver medalist Paralympics Dressage

While there may be a difference between English and Western, they use similar principles.  

Lauren's clinics will help you find the best ways to help you and your horse achieve excellence in whatever your discipline or interest is.

June 18 - 19  2-Day  Gap I

Refining mounted work of freely forward, transitions without reins, soft feel/soft touch, rythm and relaxation.

June 21 - 24  4-Day  Gap II

Introduces lateral work, focusing on lateral sequence work: renvers, travers (haunches in), shoulders in, half pass, leg yeild on a circle to acheive Entwickeln (German for developing suppleness in your horse).



Students of all levels, all disciplines - whether new to refinement or dedicated dressage riders will find Lauren inspiring, encouraging and incredibly approachable.  She has an incredible eye and an articulate way of helping you understand all the intricacies of contant and finesse.

Come ride with Lauren!