Welcome to Natural Horsemanship

  • Understand why your horse does what he does 
  • Speak the same language - learn how your horse interprets your body language and how to read his body language
  • Learn how to set clear, consistent and appropriate boundaries that keep you safe, and have your horse feel calm and comfortable with you and also earn his respect and trust
  • Learn to refine your communication and have your horse responded willingly to your most subtle cues – from the ground as well as in the saddle.
  • Be more balanced, supple and relaxed in the saddle so your horse can become more balanced, less resistant, and easier to ride.
  • Build the partnership of your dreams knowing that your horse enjoys being with you as much as you enjoy being with him
  • Develop your horse's confidence and develop the thinking part of his brain and less of the reactive side
  • Help your horse become more balanced in his innate behaviour (it isn't by changing him!)

The Parelli Mission 

"Help horse people anywhere in the world no matter where they live or what they can afford". 

Pat Parelli, 1987


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La mission Parelli:  

"Venir en aide aux gens du domaine équestre et passionnés de chevaux de partout dans le monde, peu importe d'où ils viennent ou les moyens qu'ils ont et ce qu'ils peuvent se permettre."

Pat Parelli, 1987


Harmony Hills Equestrian Centre - the premiere facility in Quebec to study and immerse yourself in advancing your horsemanship !


Every year the courses evolve to reflect the needs of students.  Parelli is the most positive and progressive horsemanship program on the planet. Committed to leading the industry in horse behaviour and empowering horse lovers of every discipline and level.  We are here to help you realize your dream with horses.