I enjoy working with people that want to help their horses last a lifetime because they are using themselves correctly. Creating a balanced horse bio-mechanically. A horse that enjoys and understands its training sessions because we addressed its emotional and mental needs.

100 National/North American competitions 
45 International Competitions/Championships with Top 4 placings and Championship winnings 
Two European Championships 
3 Summer Paralympics 
4 World Games 

2022  FEI Equestrian of the Year
2015 Inducted in the Canadian Disability Hall of Fame 
2015 WPR AQHA World Show: Para-Reining Champion 
2015 USDF Bronze Medal

2014 World Equestrian Games, Normandy: Silver and Bronze Medalist 
2014 Everglades Florida: Lifetime Achievement Award 
2014 Equine Canada: Athlete of the Year Award

2012 Paralympics London, England: Silver Medalist, placed 5th 8th 
2012 National Certificate: 1st and 2nd Level Dressage 
2012 Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal

2009 Equine Canada: Enogeral President's Award 
2008 Paralympics Beijing, China: Gold and Silver Medalist 
2008 British Columbia Horse Council: Athlete of the Year Award 
2008 Equine Canada: Honored for Outstanding Achievement 
2008 Fraser Valley Pacific Sport: Lifetime Achievement Award 
2008 RBC: Ambassador of the Year Award

2005 British Columbia Work Safe: Nomination for Courage to Come Back Award 
2004 Paralympics Athens, Greece: Placed 5th, 6th, 7th 
2004 Fraser Valley Pacific Sport: Athlete of the Year Award 
2004 Equine Canada: George Jacobson Canadian Equestrian of the Year

2003 Chamber of Commerce: Honored Local Athlete 
2003 RBC: Ambassador of the Year Award 
2001 Nomination: Courage to Come Back Award 
2001 to Present: Canadian Para-Equestrian Dressage Athlete 
2000 Volunteer of the Year Award Disabled Sailing Association 

Bridging the Gap Horsemanship


LEVEL 4   CLINIC WITH LAUREN BARWICK    May 10 - 12    at Horseland

Group liberty and private lessons.

Spectators welcome!   $50/day



LEVEL 3+ CLINIC WITH LAUREN BARWICK    July 29 - August 2   at Harmony Hills

Work on becoming a balanced rider: start offering your horse a correct feel, with proper timing so you can experience positive reflexes.

🥕 Western and English(Classic)

🐎  all 4 savvys with emphasis on liberty and finesse


A horse that is balanced emotionally and physically will be obedient, but most importantly engaged, playful and exuberant.

Spectators welcome: $50/day. 

Lauren Barwick's 'Bridging the Gap Horsemanship' is based on her extensive and varied experience in the competitive horse world:

  • Gold and Silver medalist paralympics in dressage
  • Silver and Bronze medalist Dressage World Equestrian Games
  • World Reining Champion

All based on her foundation as a Parelli 4-Star Professional.